Best resin for diffusion

Which would you say is the best resin for light diffusion? I am looking to diffuse single LEDs. Which is the best for diffusion between, grey, clear and white?

The clear resin of course!
I tried it for the same usage and the result was nice.

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It depends on how you use it. As a reflector, I’d say white. I have a client that made lab equipment for photocell research with white resin in a dome shape.

Clear is quite diffuse as well(and why not design a nice diffusion pattern! :slight_smile: ).

I have used unpolished clear resin for a prototyp cover and also a prototyp light guide, which were meant also to diffuse the led light. It worked ok, but was different to the product later in series. I am going to do something similair this month will try something different, options being:

  1. clear resin sand blasted or sanded
  2. clear resin with 10% grey resin
  3. cleat resin with 10% white resin
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It depends on what you’re doing–I’m using some polished clear parts but also using some clear parts with the outside painted white and it works pretty well.

Thank you for all the suggestions. I am looking to diffuse the light enough so that the printed object glows without too much of the LED itself showing. It looks like the clear resin will work the best with some options to paint or sand the surface to increase its opaqueness.