Best printer for dentistry?

I am looking to buy a 3d printer for dentistry. I am confused between form 2, asiga, ember, titan 2.
Can anyone please help me?

General consensus is that in the desktop resin market, form2 is top dog.


You’ll probably get biased opinions in Formlabs forums. Your best bet is to read from different external resources and see their feedback about this.

One of my friend has used form 2 and he said that it is awesome.

Ive heard only bad things about asiga, owning a Form2 and being satisfied.

When you say dentistry, exactly what are looking to do. Maybe I can help you decide if you are more specific.

We use the form2 for dentistry and we are really happy and satisfied with it! This is probably the best choice!

form 2 is awesome.

Good to know that 9 Months later it is still awesome!


You are right brother.

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Interesting link - but is FDM really suited to dentistry applications? Does not seem to be many using FDM for dentistry…

In our experience SLA (like Form 2 or 3) is MUCH slower when used in dental applications than a DLP printer. when printing multiple parts on one build tray.