Hey all, I made a neat print the other day with the clear resin - was a real pain to clear out, but it came out great.
I imagine with some acrylic clear coat spray, this would be an excellent play-thing.

[Link: I present to you, a duodeca-ball inside a ball inside a ball.] (Dropbox - Error)

I was trying to see how hard it would be to print an assembly in one shot, and it turned out great. Smooth finish, nice hollow echo too. I think it would make a great cat toy or something.

Printing it as is in the form file at 100 microns should yield a successful part. It did for me, even with an old tank!
Cleaning the supports from the inside can be tough…I made the contact points small enough that you should be able to break them off by grabbing and twisting with tweezers.

Let me know what you think!





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