Bad prints out of brand New Form 3


From your experiences with the Form 3, can any of the resin achieve such level of details as of now?[/quote]
I am not a 3D printing professional but am happy to run a print off for you. Just email the STL file or equivalent. No charge.



Neil, it would be no problem to run off a print in Grey v4 at 25 microns for you - free of charge. Just send me the STL file or equivalent.



that would be of great help! would love to see what form 3 can do with gray v4 right now. i don’t know if i can afford a separate resin tank just for the black resin so i am leaning towards sticking with gray.
Thanks for your help

here is an stl of a free headsculpt by vimal kerketta, scaled to approx. 1/6 scale. non-hollowed, without vent holes, since i’m not sure where you would prefer to place them.


Print underway at 50 microns first up. Should be ready for photos later this afternoon UK time.



Here you are; front and side views. Apologies for the background. I use the wargames table, which has the lighting set up:



Wow, thanks Robert. That’s awfully kind of you! Please let me know shipping costs to postal code 30269, Georgia USA. STL file below. If it looks good, a photo will probably do.



Thank you so much for your help, Robert.

How well would you say the quality is, having it on hand?
From the pictures it pretty much looks like what you have printed previously with layer shifts but with some stair stepping. Probably an improvement from before but definitely not near the level of Form 2 prints.
Do you think that the layers will be less obvious at 25 micron and the stepping reduced if the head is orientated at 45 degrees?

Aw man now I am curious to see how well it can print in black resin. :flushed:
Edit: I have contacted my local reseller and formlabs to see if I can get a test print from them, hopefully so I won’t have to trouble any of the users and waste your resins. Thanks again Robert.


The quality is very good. The orientation was set up by PreForm, so it can be altered no problem. I deliberately used lighting that exaggerates the effect of layering. There was no layer shifting at all. I can’t see the stair stepping without the Marco zoom lens and the lighting. Message me your postal address and I will try to send you the print. That way you can see the effects of the scaffolding as well.



No problem, Neil. I will run the print later today. It will be interesting to see how the print turns out. The more we can contribute to improving the Form 3, the better. That’s my take at least.



Oh, glad to hear that the print went well. I guess the lightning did accentuate the layers and stepping. I live in Singapore so it might be too expensive to post over. Maybe you could just take a few more photos that is similar to what I shared, I would like see if the pore details and facial hairs are captured in the print. Thanks again, and I appreciate it a lot.


Sure, no problem. It is definitely worth checking with your local reseller and getting them to print something for you to look at. Based on what I have seen, you will not be wasting their time. And it will give you the very best way of making your decision.



I have used the sunshine to provide even sharper highlights.



Here are the photos, Neil. 25 micron layers Grey v4, with the PreForm auto-selected orientation. Message me your address and I will see what it will take to send the print to you.



I love how helpful people on this forum are to each other :slight_smile:


Try angling the part so that the front is angled a bit downward, your issue is that when things are aligned horizontally with the platform they need much more support to keep them from bending during printing while the cured resin is still soft. Angling it allows it to build up so that the next layers that print are mostly supported by the previous layers meaning that you don’t need so many supports.

Also, you may need to increase the thickness of some things, the thinner the parts the more fragile they’ll be but I think you’ll benefit a lot from simply angling it forward.


Wow, thank you so much Robert. For the most part it looks great! The trailing edge of the wing is basically razor sharp by design(for printing on a Projet) and glad to see sharp features overall. The engraved detail came out perfectly it seems on the bottom. The layer lines look a bit more pronounced in the last photo, in your opinion would Black V4 do any better?

Thanks again, you rock dude!


Your analysis is correct, Neil. The details are very clear. The trailing edge is razor sharp. As to Black V4, I cannot comment directly with respect to the layer lines on the upper surface. From what I have seen others achieve then very likely Black will be better.

@Zachary_Brackin - thank you for your comments.



if you send me the file I am willing to try it in Black V4 on Form 3


Thank you Zachary! I will try to tilt the model, compare quantity of supports and post a result. …little bit later. At the time I am developing the model of locomotive further so that doors and covers can be opened or closed, some details inside, coupler… and so far. I need a simple “one-click”-construction for the assembly… The CAD-design and testing cost much time.


Another example of what can be achieved. This is a 1/120 scale figure (WW1 Russian Cossack). The horse and rider are 21mm tall, from the base to the highest point on the Kubanka hat.