Bad prints out of brand New Form 3


I agree that this is more likely to be a problem with light control and over curing. But I note that if auto-orient is used Preform seems to orientate most pieces with one face parallel to the build platform, and not at the odd angles that we have become used to using.


Giving second thoughts to buying a FL3.
Maybe I’ll hold on to my FL2 for a bit longer.


I was just wondering, do all Form3 printers have this problem??? Are there any people who have working versions?

I am asking because I need to expand my printing service but cant get a new/used form 2


There was a new release of updated firmware and updated Preform this past week. Very anxious and excited to try it. Unfortunately, the model ship superstructure test print exhibited the same “artifacts” as the test print shown in the photos in earlier posts. There was no visible improvement. Misshapen circular openings were a bit worse.


There are definitely folks out there with no reporting of these issues. It seems that the biggest impact is on smaller models with lots of detail, small openings, close and narrow spaces, etc.

My main use of the Form 2 is in printing my 3D models of 1/6 scale accessories with extremely fine details (think guns, miniature versions of specifi movie props, etc.). Form 2 was a workhorse. Form 3 did every single thing the Form 2 proved it could do but did it worse.

I am no longer surprised nor optimistic about any results. Interested to see your as always amazing comparison photos.