B9 resin


No problem.
First I use dental investment ( wirofine from Bego)

I leave it 30 min after mixing ( vaccum mix)

Burnout process
5°/min ----300°c
30 min
I cast at 900°c (dental alloy)


Thank you David. I will try the clear resin.


We use and resell Blue-Cast Resin Castable


Are you in the US? How much per liter?


We are in the EU. We do not want to give commercial information on the forum. Please write us an email


I understand it. My situation is like this. nobody wnat to cast Formlabs castable resin in Vancouver. All casters require B9 resin.


i’m in Calgary and I had to send my models in Florida. But great job from the castable resin


I just got the castable wax and got it to work on my B9 core series.
I used 30nm layer thickness and a setting of 35mJ/cm2.

Happy printing!


I was also using castable and curing e envision tech curing system. I had issue w the envision tech curing system was curing too fast or too potent for the castable wax so was cautious on the time as the normal resin from envision tech wouldn’t get burned or cured that fast as formlabs curable wax. It was a hit n miss the only good castings I had were of simple and small under two inch pieces anything bigger would fail at casting


Same here in Texas