B9 Resin anyone?

I have over half of a bottle of B9’s Cherry Red left (B9R-1-Cherry Resin) that I ordered it in March directly off of b9creator.com for mixing with my FormLabs resin. I don’t do that anymore, but it worked well. I would like to sell it. According to my records I paid exactly $140.67 for the order, which was just the resin. Any chance someone can save me the effort of making an eBay ad? I would like $49 for it.

Did you end up selling the resin?

Nope, I used a little for mixing in the end, but it’s still on the shelf.

Cool. How did your mixing turn out?
How much is left in the bottle now?

The mixing works fine. The B9 resin is a bit harder to cure, so adding a little to a FormLabs resin makes for cleaner edges. Adding a bunch can be done if you crank the power up to castable or flexible. There is about a half bottle left I think. I am in Reno NV right now but can ship it Monday. Just pay shipping and it’s yours.

Offer accepted :slight_smile: Thanks!

I sent a PM over the weekend. Did you get it?

Yep, I just got home today, I will ship it today.