Autodesk Spark Ember printer pre-orders started

I just got an access pass to buy two of the beta program Ember printers - but I’m not so sure it’s that exclusive; I put a private youtube link in my application and the video hasn’t been watched.

Anyone else apply to the Ember beta program?

At $5k (Edit: oops - actually $5995) I’m going to hold off for now - hopefully my Form1+ holds out - but with the “rabbit ears” laser issue cropping up on the Form1+ it’s nice to have another player in the game,…

Edit: It’s DLP based which means small build volume to achieve detail - just 64mm x 40mm x 134mm, so I doubt I’ll be getting one.

5K seems to be way too much for that machine.

It’s autodesk. They’re not known for reasonable pricing!

Let’s see… Smaller build envelope. Almost 2X the price (List is 5995) of the Form 1. Really?

If it was at 99.99% uptime (as opposed to my Form1+ that’s about 50% on average), I would probably pay twice the price… Bummer about the build envelope.

I honestly don’t get the point of that printer.
There are tons of way cheaper DLP-based printers out there that do the same or better job.

There are also designs with adjustable projector distance as well, giving you the choice between volume and resolution.

The main point is that it’s an open platform - they’ve confirmed they’ll release hardware specs including CAD files, presumably also the driver software will be open-source, although I haven’t seen this confirmed.

Autodesk have stated their aim to be the “android” of 3D printing.

Personally I find that quite exciting - but the price and build envelope, means I’m gonna have to pass for now.

I agree, the open source is very attractive and the idea qet might get a better slicer also.
I am still waiting my form1+ (plus tons of resin and so on), but I am sure I will miss the high level of control and experimentation I can get with a FDM kit slicers.

There are other open sourced DLP printers out there.
Some of them extremely accessible (mUVe 3D, for example) and for a fifth of the price without a projector. Their complete chain is open source, including the aluminium extrusions it’s built out of.

So, yeah, again… Don’t see the point.
They’re reinventing the wheel at double (or more) the price.

There are kits to build your own DLP starting at around $500, whats the point?
From what I have read and seen the Form1+ pints still look the best.