Autodesk's plunge into hardware (i.e. PLA)

So … Autodesk is destined to be a player in the low end spectrum of the SLA market now? A medium sized software company getting into hardware? … Hmmm. Pretty ambitious. However, one thing is for sure, their software will work really well with their hardware (knock on wood) … well … when it does, in fact ship. If it was Adobe or Apple, I would be skeptical. However, I think this is good news to keep everyone innovative in this space, and on their toes.


That should be SLA, PLA, you can tell where my mind is at right now. Thermoplastic. :wink:

If anyone is interested, it’s this one.

Very exciting news. Seems to be a minefield of lawsuits though.

According to this article the printer Autodesk is creating wiil be open source but will be priced in the $5k price range.

This looks very interesting and will hopefully push Formlabs to ramp up development.

Looks like some kinda sideways sliding/rotating separation mechanism.  I think they have adopted the b9 creators open-source ideas in this printer. With lots of improvements I’m sure.

Looks like a small build size though from that picture, unless it’s a bigger device. Can’t wait to know more I’m desperate to buy a resin based device.