Time to announce 3DS/Formlabs merger?

This would be the best and worst scenario ever. For the pro, I’d actually get my printer sometime in the next 2 years. For the con, the resin cost would climb to $500/liter.

For those who think it would be heresy, see today’s announcement: http://www.makerbot.com/blog/2013/06/19/makerbot-and-stratasys-announce-merger/

It’ll be interesting to see how that pans out.  Hard to believe Makerbot has any technology that Stratasys would want, so I’d guess they just want the brand (and/or to remove the primary player in that market).   Maybe they want a way to sell lower cost hardware without diminishing the perceived ‘value’ of their Stratasys name?

“…will continue to operate as a separate subsidiary within _____, once the transaction is complete.”  is PR-speak for “we don’t want everyone to freak out and quit so we’re saying this to maintain order, but we all know you’ll be assimilated or downsized within 18 months.”

Other than being a primary player in the market and having a grip akin to monopoly, I don’t see why else Stratasys would want to merge with Makerbot.  They have far advanced technology and manufacturing capabilities, but they still haven’t released an affordable consumer printer.

They already acquired Objet…  I wouldn’t be surprised to read a headline some time in the future, “Makerbot CEO ousted by Stratasys”

Before acquiring Makerbot, Stratasys did not have any low end, consumer/personal 3D printing machines (apart from the Mojo) in their product line up. Now they can go head to head with 3D Systems CubeX as they play in the same price point, print volume, performance etc. Also Stratsys can provide all their years of experience and IP in FDM technology to Makerbot allowing them to improve their machines so it will be interesting to see what improvements are made to next Replicator.