Are these print lines at 25 microns, to be expected?

Hey all, I have printed very few items at 25 microns, so I don’t know if these (albeit feint) lines are par for the course.

You can see the lines particularly on the upper back going down from right to left. Is this the print quality to be expected at 25 microns?


It’s difficult to judge since we don’t have another object to get an idea of the scale. But It looks like a tiny print and if your part is less than 20mm tall I wouldn’t expect better quality than this.

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I print in rather small sizes and I found this on my prints. I finally set at 100 microns and felt the results were better, at least form my prints. Orientation on some parts is important. I’ve found that if straight edges are parallel to tray surface the lines are very pronounced. A bit of an angle seems to help.

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You’re absolutely right, I failed to mention scale, material, etc. Long day…

It is 65 mm from ground to top of ears 82mm from butt to snout.

Printed in greyV4 with a LT tank.

Interesting that you get better results at 100. I will try that, thank you.

I think most resins are optimised for 50 micron. All my prints are done at 50 micron or 100 micron, results are worse at 25 micron.

These lines are sometimes visible if the surface area of the part is large relative to the amount of supports.

But yes, you will always see some lines.

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Ok. Thanks for the gut-check. I figured that might be the case. This is the first high detail piece for a client, that I’ve done and want to make sure my printer is doing what it is purported to do.

Internally I exclusively use 100 microns, even for highly detailed parts. The only time I really look at 50 or 25 is when smoothness of large objects is a concern. Like if I wanted to print a really smooth sphere for example. :slight_smile:

Buy that won’t be a question anymore once the adaptive layer height gets released… right !? :wink:


Then his answer to the question “which layer height do you use” would be “euhm, well… all of them.”

Can’t wait for that feature!


I printed another model, of the same scale (1/6) at 50 microns. The print lines persist.

62mm tall/2.4" tall.

You need to add some coating(matt spray paint) to get rid of those. Some resins show these lines much less, like grey and black.