Anyone got a broken gyrocube?

I just got my Gyrocube shipped to me this week.  I must say I was pretty disappointed when I saw a piece broke off when I unwrapped it. Then I found that at least three of the cubes are cracked. Just want to know if others had the same issue.  Is it because of the cold weather?  The packaging is pretty good so I doubt if it got crushed or jostled around in the paper box.  More interested if that is the norm for 3D printed models from the form1 printer or I was just unlucky.


I’m sorry your cube arrived like that, what a bummer!  If you open a ticket with our Customer Support team, we can work with you to get a replacement in your hands.

Got mine yesterday at last, and the outer cube was also broken :((

Yes, packaging was great, and all unharmed, so it could not have been crushed from outer influence.

But it’s a long way up here to Austria, and apparently quite dangerous for a Gyrocube :wink:

However, I love it, but if there’s the possibility for a replacement, I would gladly appreciate it.