Anyone Else Getting A Lot Of Orders Shipped Wrong?


So far this year I have had four orders shipped incorrectly:

-2 orders shipped with the wrong resins (one with 3L Castable shipped in place of 3L of Durable, one with Tough V5 shipped in place of Tough 1500)

-1 order shipped without a resin in spite of the packing list stating it was included

-1 order marked shipped but was somehow lost in the warehouse instead (???)

The second order shipped with the wrong resin was actually the replacement shipment for the order that was lost in the warehouse. I don’t even know how that can happen. Right now, after exactly 1 issue with defective resin last year, nearly 100% of my 2020 orders have gone wrong. It’s almost comical at this point.

Is anyone else having these troubles?