Any tips for removing projects from build platform?

Hi, I’m new to the Form1+ game and really impressed with what iv’e seen thus far. However, I’m a fail at removing the majority of our projects.

At first, I never noticed the little triangles until I read a few posts on here and had a “oohhhhhhh” moment. (quick start documentation be damned) Then I tried starting to remove things with a straight razor and wedge the spatula under it to get better leverage, etc. I tried that at triangle points and at flush points. However, the same thing happens to me. The resign in direct contact with the platform (usually a bed for the supports.) will break with little to no productivity.

I can go slow, i can go fast, i can be gentle, i can be forceful. Same things. I have a hell of a time removing things from the build platform itself. Eventually I run out of divots and edges that seem appropriate and have to start whacking at the damn thing with the spatula. Doing it the “proper” way, I have stabbed myself more times than I like to think.

Are there any tricks or “gotchas” with removing projects that are good to know? I’m on my first bottle of resin, so maybe it’s a fluke, but it sure is frustrating as heck.

Try shooting it off with a gun. Just kidding… I have a screwdriver that works awesome.

I use a razor on a flat handle, the kind you use to scrap paint or other residue off glass.

The blade is thin enough that it easily slips under the part, and you want to work the blade all around the base rather than try to pry the part up from only one side. Working around the base is not just easier, it’s less likely to break the part or the blade.

Hope this helps.

Small flat long-ish screwdriver.

Defeat objects stuck on platform all the time.

I use a [narrow putty knife][1] I sharpened on a grinding wheel.
[1]: From your experience, how do you use the finish kit?

Probably not a recommended approach, but I was having the same problem with my white resin – sticking too hard to the build plate, cracking when trying to get it off, etc.

I ended up using the “Fine Tuning” settings in PreForm to raise the build plate by 0.1mm (-0.1mm in the UI). This worked perfectly. I went to 0.2mm for my black resin tank. I have to keep a small label on each tank to remember which setting for which tank.

Might give that a whirl, and print something small as a test.