Any experience of machines failing mid print?

I’ve just had my machine fail with only 184 layers left to go on a 5661 layer job, the laser scanned the layer and then… zip, nada, zilch, zero, etc…

I now have a machine that appears dead (although the countdown clock on the display is still running) and a model almost completely built stuck between the plate and tank which are both immovable.

Any thoughts?

PS. I have raised a support ticket.

Hi Tom

Vacuum shouldn’t be an issue as the other end of the print has several large holes in it, I’m confident it was a electrical issue or something of that nature as the machine simply stopped - there was no audio or visual indication of the machine struggling due to vacuum/adhesion issues.

I’ve done a hard reset of the printer as advised by tech support and I’m going to try another print today and see how I get on!

Jason that model is one giant looking vacuum when the machine does the peeling process… I am assuming that the part that is showing hollow has some sort of drain out in the bottom if not I am shocked that you got this far. when you build a print in this type of 3d printer you should avoid areas that have the tendency to vacuum to the plate (Shown in image) . Creating these voids causes added stress to the PDMS layer and if the layer does not remove completely when the machine does its peeling process and not removing the material from the PDMS layer during the peel process will just cause more and more problems as the build continues. You may want to consider reorienting the part differently or add a drain hole for not only resin to drip out of but also allow air to pass through and not cause a vacuum.

This has just been my experience hopefully it is something easy like that and not something more complicated

Good Luck