Air channel bevel tool in PreForm

Often when you have prepared your model with a great shell, optimized it in all aspects, and your model is set up in PreForm with scaffolding and all, you realize that the way it is positioned at the moment might result in an air pocket to be formed at a critical part. It’s almost impossible to know that before you’ve build the support structure and found the perfect printing angle.
And to go back to your other software (in my case Zbrush) you have to re-do all the steps and might not find the same great angle.

It would be very helpful to have a bevel tool in PreForm so you could build and customize air channels straight into the model, the way it is posed in the software.

As a work around in the mean time… I grab a screen shot of the orientation menu so that I can apply the same angles to the updated part. Unfortunately, you still have to do the supports again…

Of course there are many workarounds. I could also keep the original .form file on the grid and add the new one to try lining it up, or I could just write down all the numbers. But thing is that often it’s more than just getting it to work properly in PreForm, you often have to go through almost the whole process of preparing the part when working in Zbrush. You need to go back several steps in order to keep details when punching new holes.

Ahhh Ok. I am not familiar with the Zbrush work flow. Making a change like that in SolidWorks (the only platform I am good at) would be very straight forward.

I do have to say that some sort of modeling capabilities in PreForm would be much appreciated. Especially if I could edit supports as well.

True that. I’d love to be able to do the shell and to smooth the internal void straight in PreForm, but first thing first. An air hole tool would be fantastic. It doesn’t even have to be sophisticated, just something that makes a hole in each layer based on where I put a cylinder into the model.

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