Preform Requests: Hollow, Drain holes, Agitate, Preheat, Support touch-down selection


Forgive me if some/any of these options are already present in current versions of PreForm. If so, please point them out, so I can begin taking advantage of them.

Hollow model
Currently, users need to use MeshMixer, Zbrush or other DCC apps for this task. I think hollowing via PreForm would be preferable. You could even have a suggested thickness (or thickness warning) for different print scales. It appears some competitors applications have already included this functionality.

Add Drain Hole
Optimal drain hole position recommendations and cutting (boolean) based on orientation, scale, etc. It appears some competitors applications have already included this functionality.

Stir/Agitate Tank
Agitate the resin in the tank with the wiper (Form 2) rather than risking contamination or scratching by me stirring the tank with a metal spatula. It could also do this on a timed basis, when the machine is powered, but not in use, to prevent settling issues with the resins.

Preheat tank
After users start Preform, load a model, select the printer, layer height, and resin, etc, it could prompt the user “Would you like to begin preheating the tank now?” to the optimal temperature for that resin.

Support Touch-Down preference
Frequently, I’ll place a support point, with a tiny touch radius, only to have Preform make the base of that support somewhere on the model itself, instead of a raft, marring the surface in an undesirable fashion. I’d like to be able, instead, to select alternate base locations for these touch-points. What good is a tiny touch-point if the software is going to automatically place a much larger origin on the surface of my model?

Thank you for your consideration.


YEs this needs to be added… what a pain to use other software for this task


another feature i would like is a non random support point generation. An orthogonal one for technical pieces would be far better.