After few layers curing, layers detached from first few layers

After few layers curing, layers detached from first few layers.

In the photo which I attached, recently printing failure always occurred like that.

First few layers successfully adhered to build platform, but after few layers, the detachment of layer occurred.

Supports always printed well on that detached layer, but there were no desired products. Sometimes there was the products, but that was not perfect(ex. missing parts…)

I changed build platform and resin, but it was not working occasionally.

Why this phenomenon occurred? Is this resin or machine’s problem?

Please help me.

Hello Sung Woo — please write our support team a note at, or open a ticket with them, and they’ll help you out as quickly as possible. It can be tricky to troubleshoot problems like these, but they’ll take care of you!

HI Sam, It would be also nice to post the solution here in the forum because other people might have the same problem. (like me).

So turns out reverting to preform 1.7 (from 1.7.1) did it for me. But now 1.8 is out now. My first print with that newest version turned out nice.

I have been having this issue for quite some time now. It started when I switched to V2 of the clear resin. I have had some success, but have ripped through over 1 build tray per L of resin. Last I was told was to lower the build platform. I did this last night, got a successful print, but now have a ruined resin tank in one print. I think its too much compression, and may need to do the opposite. Also, I use a BETA version of preform because my galvo is significantly off, and thats the only way I can use the whole platform…so it it is a software issue please post it here! The issues are never ending with formlabs!

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