Advice on large, detailed print

Hi, relatively new to my Form 2. Have had many successful prints, love using/lurking on the forums to troubleshoot.

I’m about to attempt the largest and also most detailed model I’ve worked on and I wanted to get some advice from y’all about how to set it up. Orientation, supports etc. It’s pretty solid, but has a lot of overhangs where the letters cantilever out. Let me know if anyone has any thoughts or experiences they’d like to share. Thanks!

Specs: 5" x 5" x 4"
Layer Height 0.05mm
White Resin V2 (just ordered, will receive tomorrow)

Here’s a few screenshots to give you an idea:

If there was some way you could make it more hollow then that would help a lot. The issue with that one would come from flat surfaces that don’t have as much support–I’m guessing that they will be connected but the first few layers on a flat area would peel a bit.

But yeah, if there is some way to get a thinner structure and have the letters more restricted to the outside of the structure that would help more. Since it’s so big that is a lot of resin to waste if it goes wrong.

That is very cool! I am worried about the overhang on the letters. Can you break this up into smaller parts that can be assembled after? I have put text on verticle surfaces and it comes out great, but the text is sticking out no more then .050". If you are going to give it a try, print a much smaller version first. This will give you an idea at how well it will print larger. I would also go with a layer height of .1mm, the thicker each layer is, the stronger each overhang piece will be.

You could put small point sized supports on the faces and sand them off after the print is done. It will help with the overhangs but only so much.

Zachary and David, thanks for the replies. Good advice about a test print. I have done two, one with good results one with ok results. I’m running my first test with White V2 as we speak (overnight delivery is a fickle lady).

Unfortunately splitting it up is difficult as well as undesirable. A monolithic print is what I need.

As an exercise, I let it auto-generate the supports. Knowing what you guys know, will this end terribly? (no red on the support edits, but uses a ton of supports. (I’m not afraid of a lot of post-processing)

Thanks so much!

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