Adjusting the galvos for better accuracy; success!


Hi Kevin - thank you so much for this it does help! just a quick question - do you know how to revert to old firmware for my form 1+? I don’t seem to be able to find how to downgrade my firmware update - thank you so much for your timely response!


Do you know what firmware version you were using previously. It has been quite some time since the last firmware update. Also, the firmware update should not affect galvo tuning or calibration. Can you use x–y fine tuning to correct?


I have a form1 + and I have problems with galvanometers I printed a 124 x 124 mm cube and came out 124 x 97 preform allows me to correct no more than 4% who can help you know if with openfl you can correct the defect,
Thanks to all the contributions


OpenFL isn’t designed for this sort of thing. In principal you could do something if you manually reprocessed every layer, but at very least you’d have a reduced build area in the shrunken direction. This sounds like a hardware problem that needs a hardware solution.


With preform I can correct but not more than 4% why?


Beyond 4%, something has almost certainly changed in the galvo. If PreForm were to go through the motions of printing a stretched part to correct for 30% scale, you would see higher-order distortions as well. Also, the galvos only have so much digital range available, once you get toward 30% scale, it would likely need to send the galvo beyond the maximum representable value.