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Adhering Elastic 50A to glass

Hi -
My lab would like to adhere a disk-shaped device printed in Elastic 50A to a thin piece of glass (coverslip). In the past, we have made these disks our of PDMS and plasma-bonded the disk to the glass but would now like to move to 3D printing them. Does anyone have any experience with plasma-bonding Elastic 50A to glass? Any suggestions for other adhesives? Sounds like some of the Loktite series of adhesives work with this polymer but I am concerned about toxicity (these devices need to be biocompatable) so any thoughts or shared experiences would be appreciated!

Silicone will work, or even crazy glue. They use crazy glue in surgical wounds as a substitute for sutures

Its weird that you need the glue to be biocompatible considering Elastic 50A isnt

Thank you for this info - we are in the process of exploring softer polymers and haven’t yet used the Elastic 50A. Perhaps “non-toxic” might be a better descriptor of our requirements. But do you know of any studies that test the biocompatability of Elastic 50A, or personal experience that you could share that indicate that it is harmful to biological samples? Do you have any experience with, or know of examples of, other soft 3D printing polymers that can be used with live samples? We would be interested in other people’s experiences with various 3D printed polymers in terms of toxicity and biocompatibiilty. Thanks!