Add a Spin Function

Currently the rotation bottons change the plane of orientation, but often after finding an optimum orientation, I would like to spin the orientation so the object prints on a different portion of the pdms layer and keeps the same plane. For example a large lid may need to be printed essentially on the diagonal in order to fit, and a spin of 90 degrees would print on the opposite diagonal. Similarly, a spin of 180 degrees would yield a mirror image, so if the bulk of the print is on one side of the diagonal, the mirror would print on the opposite side of the diagonal. Currently twirling the object in orientation mode inevitably moves the object in more than 1 plane and destroys the previous optimization (manual, of course).

The little padlock in the orient part menu will lock the x and y rotation and allow you to drag the part only rotating around the z axis and will allow you to keep the supports generated while moving.

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Secret keyboard shortcut: you can hold down alt while rotating the model to lock rotation to the z axis only (which will preserve your supports).


Another way to achieve the same thing that @Adam_Britton mentioned (good tip, Adam) is to just manually enter the angle you want your part rotated to in the orientation menu. Changing the Z angle won’t get rid of your supports. You can manually enter angles with 0.01 degree precision (useful for the most meticulous of users).

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Did not know this little trick but I will be using for sure.