Ability to toggle layer slice view

It would be useful to be able to toggle showing the top side or bottom side of the model when slicing.

For instance, when in support edit mode, the top of the model is shown, yet other times the bottom of the model is shown. Being able to hit a key, like ‘tab’ for instance, that would flip to showing the opposite side would be awesome. (if something like this already is implemented, please tell me ho to do it )

In principle, this is a nice feature for those users who would take advantage of it, and is not hard to implement technically.

The major impediment would be finding a way to integrate it into the UI with a minimum of introduced clutter.

I will make a note to look into the possibility of introducing this functionality in the future.


Thanks for making a note about it.
It’s not clear to me though how it would introduce clutter if it were simply a key or key combo.

In the broader sense, since we’re on the topic, exposing the list of UI functions, and having the ability to set the key-combos for those functions would allow the user to make the UI behave however they wanted it to behave. Choice is always a good thing.

I agree. How about the simple Adobe Photoshop “CTRL + I” (invert selection) combo (which luckily isn’t used yet :slight_smile: ). without having it shown in the UI, but only in the help>keyboard shortcuts menu.
Though having the ability to customise key-combos would be a great option as well as Christopher mentions.

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