Mark slice layer ranges for various optional behaviors

it would be useful if you could right-click on the layer slider at a specif layer and get a context menu, initially with two selections: peel rate, and layer thickness.

If you select peel rate, a popup comes up at your cursor, in which you’d set a start layer (defaulted to where you right-clicked initially), an end layer (defaulted to a the max-layer, is the active text box, and highlighted ), and a rate of peel as a percentage of 1.00, which is the current normal peel rate. This way you could slow the rate way down where there may be thin sections or longer cantilevered layers not quite at their next support connection.

If you selected layer thickness, a similarly designed popup would appear, with the same layer start and stop text fields, and radio buttons for the ‘other’ two available thicknesses. This would allow you to run mostly at 100um, with short heights of thinner layers to allow focused, finer detail.

The popups would be modal, and while active, and when the curson is in either start or stop layer fields, rolling the mouse wheel would roll up or down the layer number, and move the slicer  up or down behind it in the 3d view.

The slicer slider bar would change color for the range to reflect that a behavior had been modified, with peel rate being one color, and thickness another.

Hovering over the colored section would show info about settings in that range.

In cases where both types of behavior are set to the same layers, they would share the range split vertically with their respective color markings.

Right-clicking in a set range would allow editing the range.



Throw in the ability to tweak the curing (laser power +/- percentage) as an advanced option somewhere (Fine Tuning?) and i might not look at another SLA printer again :smiley:

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That’s a really interesting idea, @ChristopherBarr, and an interesting UI proposal. @Ante_Vukorepa, I think you’re asking for something else altogether ;). These are two powerful ideas, though. Thanks!

It would be awesome if you guys implemented features like this. Anything that would give us more control or our prints…

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I’m not sure @Ante_Vukorepa’s idea is really all that different, and it would fit nicely into a layer-range-modification UI feature too. Peel rate, layer thickness, laser intensity, and possibly laser dwell time would all be useful. Another might be layer hatch pattern/density for infill, or number of edge curing passes.


+1(!) for this - it’s the “superset” feature that includes all the many previous requests for variable layer heights, including one of mine