Ability to disable supports as a 'view' option

Yesterday, I was preparing a monster of a print (21.5h print, ~150ml, and a nearly completely filled volume), and before I finished, I found that I had a single minima that needed to be fixed.

Because of all of the supports, finding that single minima was a PITA, and I ended up feeling that being able to toggle support visibility would’ve turned a 10-20min task to a 10-20 second task.

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All you have to do is click the EDIT supports button.
It will take a few minutes- but it will turn OFF your supports ( without deleting them ) and show you a grayed model that shows all the support contact points, without the supports in the way- and it will retain the red and yellow shading denoting minima and cups.

Use the layer slider to inspect layer by layer and make it easier to see the inside of hollow models.


Huh. That’s a good idea.

The one caveat with that is that there’s noticable lag between when the button is clicked, due to the calculations being done in the background to draw dots on the model, indicitative of the supports.