Ability to change printer name on Form2


Being forced to use a network name set by the vendor is a BIG mistake.
Formlabs can do whatever they want with the serial number, but this should not
dictate the network node name. I have spent many hours getting exceptions from the
corporate IT department.

I have developed many network attached products. This BUG would not be accepted.


Its Not a bug- its a strategy.
Its how your printer can be networked with support services online directly thru formlabs dashboard website.
having the serial number be the name is actually a direct benefit to running multiple machines.
It saves having to separately keep track of obscure and easily mistyped serial numbers and associating them with specific machines.
And if they tries to offer web services based on user defined names- literally half of all machines would have the same name “Form 2 Printer”

The problem seems to be with your own IT bureaucracy.

Its JUST a dang name.


I just got my Form2 today and was not happy to see I can’t change the name on the network. I read the posts here and it doesn’t seem Formlabs will be changing this, but it really is sort of dumb that I own this printer and I have no control over what it’s called on my network. I really don’t need any reason beyond that, it’s my printer and I want to call it what I want to call it.