3Shape Implant Studio

Using Form 2 and Implant Studio to try and create surgical guides through the integrated CAM server. Finding that the default settings for the “Offset from sleeve to guide” is too low for our printer. Maxing it out at 0.060mm is not enough; the guide ring holes are still too small. The validation range for this value is 0.040-0.060. Is there a way to override this value? Formlabs Support says 3Shape needs to change the value. I’ve talked with 3Shape and they said they cannot change the value without Formlabs. So which is it? Why can we not override this value? If printer accuracy is not sufficient, we need to be able to make the guide ring hole a little bigger so the ring will fit. Does anyone know who input these values into 3Shape on behalf of Formlabs or can help resolve this issue? Thanks.

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I am having the same difficulty if anyone has a solution?