2020 Dumpster Fire Model

I don’t know if anyone wants this…but after the year we just went through, I made some mini Dumpster Fire 2020 ornaments and I’d like to give it to the forum. They were a big hit as stocking stuffers.

It’s similar to this photo, but I added some “legs” to the bottom which made it print better. The PreForm version printed well, and the legs have a little extra material at the bottom so they can be sanded flat. There are two “flames” .OBJ files…one has a loop for hanging, and the other is only the flames.

The flames are a separate piece, so they could be painted orange. Pegs help align the flames in the dumpster, which can be glued into position with a couple of drops of glue.

Click here to download the PreForm file or .OBJ files from Google Drive.. You can adjust the size in PreForm, or the .OBJ files should be about 1". Use the same resize factor/ratio when you import to make them larger or smaller. If you go much larger, though, you might consider making the walls thinner.

Happy 2021, everyone!


This is quite clever. Thank you for sharing.

I’m curious how you designed / modeled the flames?

  • John

Hey there! It was sculpted in ZBrush, starting from a sphere. The dumpster was created using ZBrush’s ZModeler tool.

Thanks! I have not used ZBrush, but I may look into it.

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This looks great :smile:

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