Castable material & photo

I have a request for photos of my recent prints. MOST of my items are model railroad related - somehow. I also have 4 Dachshunds. There are more dogs on my train layout than people.

I am still getting some duds but much more successes. I think the duds are finally getting to be my more fault, not the Form1.

I designed the dog house myself in Solidworks. I found the Dachshund file on line and greatly reduced it. The Dachshund gets consumed in the supports. If anyone wants to take a shot at make the supports better and sending it back to me I will get you the file. These are some items in gray. The dog house turned out really well.

These are some of my first castable items. My brass caster is optimistic they will cast well.

I’m always willing to see if I can assist your support problem with the dachshund, Bill. It seems it should be able to print with a lot less supports! Send me the file and I’ll play around a little :smile:


Thanks for the reply. Email me directly at

I will get you the file later tonight.