Zoetropes prototyped on the Form 1+

HI, I wanted to share my new Zoetropes. These prints are from shapeways but all prototypes were done on my Form 1+. A bit of a challenge for something like this as a single print and with all the supports and fragile models but worked out well in the end.

Check out more pictures and gifs here!
My shapeways store.

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Those are definitely cool. I think I might give this a try. I use Lightwave for simple CAD tasks as well as for animation, so I have the tool I need. I just never thought to do it!

That looks really nice. Do you use anything to make the strobe effect for persistence of vision when you spin it?

Thanks! Its made to be used with a free strobe app for iphone but should work with any phone with an LED Flash. I made a hand spin version which works pretty well but only for a few seconds. Then, I made an adapter so I could place it on a record player which works out really nicely. Specially since most record players have variable speed settings and are in a lot of homes again these days.