Wrong name displayed in profile

Anyone else seeing the wrong name when logging in to their profile?

My name says Meagan Fitzpatrick instead of my name.

That is messed up.  That would explain a few things………


Wow,  I am also listed as Megan Fitzpatrick.  Strange…

Hi, my name is NOT Meagan. LOL

I just sent them a support ticket to let them now about that strange behaviour.

I see, we are all Meagan now :slight_smile:

Somebody forgot a WHERE clause.

Is your avatar correct now?  It seems your account has 3 different pictures.  One is definitely not you.


Hey everyone, we are experiencing a bug in our system. Please stand by –  we have a fix inbound!

Meagan is a customer support employee at Formlabs.

We have pushed a fix, please log out and back in for the patch to take effect.

Damn, too slow - I wanted to be Meagan Fitzpatrick too!

Maybe next time.