Would be nice to be able to move/redefine support origins

I’m sure this was mentioned at least a few times before.
If it wasn’t, count me surprised it wasn’t.

It’d be really nice to be able to redefine (move) support origins - starting points, not point of interface with the object. Especially with internal supports, and supports that originate from the object itself. In a lot of these cases, there’s usually either a better place to put the origin (like a high-point, where it’s easier to file off the wart off the object, or a low point where it might be better hidden), and in some cases, there’s even ways to route it from the base instead of the object surface, but PreForm missed it and went for the shortest route possible.

I’m fully aware it’s not quite an easy and simple feature to implement, but it’d be super useful (in my opinion at least).


This one sounds a bit tricky, but I’ve made sure it on our Software Team’s radar.

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I would like to second this request. We have a few parts that will not print due to excessively long supports flexing and not going back to where they should be (the part it’s attempting to support is a flexible tine. )