Windows 10: Folders/Explorer Resets Everyone I install Preform


Every time I install Preform, my desktop randomly resets. When I uninstall it, the reset does not happen anymore. It is extremely annoying since it closes all of my folders and lags for a split second.

All of the desktop goes blank (icons disappear as if I closed explorer.exe) and then it resets. Application themselves do not close. Just the folders, icons, taskbar.


That’s probably not something due to Preform, sometimes Windows is just weird. For example, I just put in a new graphics card and the desktop gets reset each time it starts up as well, but it doesn’t even do it in the right order.


I figured it might be Preform related since the problem goes away every time I uninstall the software.
It appears for now, that I will need to uninstall when not printing and then install again before printing.


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