White Resin prints bend when post curing


When printing with white resin, the prints often bend upwards after the post-cure. For hollowed prints it worse, but also full printed pieces bends a bit. I cure them 30min at 60°C.

Any idea what I should change to avoid the bending problem?

Thanks in advance!

Are you curing while still attached to supports?

I tried both, with and w/o… those with supports tend to bend just a little bit on the side where it was attached to the printer matrix and a lot on the sides. those w/o support tend to bend on the opposite side of the support (let’s say on top) and here they are quite wavy, but where they were attached to the printer matrix they are quite plane.
is maybe 60°C too hot?

You could see if curing with no heat improves results. In my own experience I definitely get some warping if I don’t cure on supports (depending on specific print geometry). Flipping / reorienting the part a few times during the cure has helped. If you’re really stuck you could try designing an anti-warping lattice into your model to hold important features in place during the cure process (I know that’s not a convenient long-term solution).

If you have a non-contact thermometer it might also be worthwhile to take a reading to make sure your Form Cure (or whatever you’re using) is close to the set temperature. Also make sure all the LED’s are working so you’re getting even exposure (the ones on the bottom beneath the wire mesh are easy to forget about).

Great feedback, thank you. I’ll try it out!

you need the heat to FULLY cure the parts. Heat is part of the chain reaction of the resin chemistry to cure the parts internally where the UV cannot penetrate. So curing without heat might make the entire part les strong, depending on feature thickness