Which resin to use for small posts?

Hi forum
I’m trying to print an electronic cattle fence 1:87. The posts are aprox 1mm in width and 15mm in height.
I tryed Tough V5, which I know is very stable, unfortunately not for this kind of prints. Posts bend after some days and remain very flexible.
I need a result, that prints are stable (do not break on lightest touch) and should not bend too much.
With tough V5 it doesn’t break but bend (even curing 1h / 5h). Have you any recommendations, maybe the newer Tough 2000?

Clear does not bend but breaks too fast. Gray bends.

Any recommendations?

Best regards

Hello. I’ve found that the only luck I’ve had in printing 2mm dia. rods at 20mm long, you can only use white or grey 4v resin at .050. Tough 2000, or 1500 or even Black all produce sticky hard to clean parts. I tried black at .025 and it was a disaster. At tapered points, the current laser burn seems to destroy the previous layer. Trying now, black at .050 but I may just go back to the white resin.

This was also very helpful…

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