Where is the community equivalent of thingiverse for Formlabs (and SLA in general)?

Where is the community equivalent of thingiverse for Formlabs (and SLA in general)? Where are people posting their designs besides the forums, here? Mold3D is awesome, but where else? I’m talking specifically awesome designs and prints … less mech “parts” and more high resolution 3-D prints … art, toys, sculptures, etc.


There’s alot of cool stuff on GrabCAD but there’s alot on Thingiverse too!

Here’s mine: http://www.thingiverse.com/vinnivanhood/designs

and all the things I made on there are from my Form 1

I was really hoping the physables category in the pirate bay would take off but other than the gun parts STLs it just sucks.

I just printed a cool hi-res yoda bust from thingiverse, its pretty cool: http://www.thingiverse.com/make:79931

Printing on Form1+ has extra potential and sometimes special needs. I would love to see a thingiverse like website dedicated to SLA models.

Have you taken a look at www.turbosquid.com

They have been around for years and offer plenty of high resolution models but for a price.

That is neat, thanks. But I was thinking open-sharing.

Pinshape has a lot of detailed print options - free and paid. They aren’t all specified for SLA, but a lot of the designs would work well on a Form 1:

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Despite the age, this conversation seems too relevant to not resurface. Hopefully others caught yesterday’s news that Formlabs has welcomed Pinshape to our family. Thanks to all of you for sharing your feedback and interest in a sharing platform. We’re looking forward to continue growing with all of you and to welcome members of the Pinshape community.