Where is everyone?

With over 700 form1s out there in the wild, this forum should be more lively. Where is everyone?

Are you guys just too busy printing?

Re-watching last nights episode of Breaking bad?

Maybe their machines are humming along smoothly and have no need to interact?

I hope so. But even then they should come and share photos of their smoothly printed models from their smoothly humming machines :wink:

The stuff I’ve printed so far isn’t super exciting… the formlabs butterfly, a shelf peg, etc. I mean it’s exciting to me, but not really “show off” material.

I have got problem getting out the resin tray, it is stuck !

Can anyone offer any advice?

Thanks you.

Freddie Kwok

It is a big shame for this small problem to cripple.
I used this machine to test print 10 objects, but then due to this problem.

It has never been used ever since.

Any help is appreciated !!!

Freddie Kwok