Where do you store your IPA?

Hey all,

Just wondering where you all store your IPA? Seeing as this stuff is extremely flammable?

I was thinking of getting a small yellow flammable liquids cabinet, though they cost around £130. Not sure if it seems worth getting it for just a 5litre container of IPA :-\ Otherwise maybe I can just store it under the sink in the cupboard.

I haven’t worried about this. Kept capped, the IPA is not going to spark any fires on its own. And if something nearby catches fire and melts the IPA container so the IPA spills out and catches fire too, well, the contribution from the additional Liter or two of chemical accelerant is the least of my problems…

Yeah you’re right Randy. I think if the fire has melted the container at that point its far gone already :wink: With the IPA bath containers do you usually leave them out as they are or store them in a safe place?

I’m a “hobbyist” so my printers live at home. The room with the printers has a door, there are no children, and my dogs are too small to reach the doorknob. So everything just lives on a bench. Tubs with just the cleaning station lids. The rate of evaporation is low enough snapping on the actual tub lids hasn’t seemed worth it. Not to mention that the tubs don’t fit in the “cradle” with the lids snapped on…

I keep mine in the original sealed plastic bottles. They store them in the stores with dozens on the shelves. It isn’t 100% alcohol but with 7-8% water making it not combustible at least. Never tested to see if it would burn but not worries about it. Only keep 6 to 8 bottles on hand anyway.

That 9% water in 91% IPA does nothing for inflammability. It will burn just fine. Fairly energetically, in fact.

The fire safety concern is more about the vapors. IPA has a low boiling point and vapor pressure, so it readily evaporates. But the gas is denser than air so it tends to settle to low areas if the room is well ventilated. Concentrated evaporated IPA vapors can easily ignite with the presence of a spark, for instance like the kind you get reaching for a doorknob in the winter.

Kept in tightly sealed containers it’s no risk, which is why your local CVS can have a hundred gallons of IPA on the store shelf, spread out across a few 100 bottles, and not worry about it. Same rule applies when you take one of those hundreds of bottles home. Capped, the bottle IPA is no more worrisome than the jerry jug of lawn-mower gas in your garage.New, unused IPA remains in the sealed bottles it came in until needed.

I just use the cleaning station lids to cap my wash tanks. But the room where my printers (and chemicals live) has a set of 4x always-on 4" boxer fans exhausting out a window.

yeah I might have to start opening the window when I start printing as I work in the room with the printer and dont want IPA vapour floating around the air circuit :smiley: Can you smell any fumes off the resin tank when sitting a couple of meters away from the printer?

No. The tank lids are relatively good.

Ventilation while using the tanks is a good idea no matter what. I expect you need a pretty high concentration of IPA in the air to be a real fire concern (I dimly remember I might have looked at this question at some point in the past). Spilling the full bucket of IPA on the floor and letting it evaporate in a closed room would probably be something to avoid. But just sitting with the lids up, I doubt the IPA evaporates fast enough to matter unless you’re in a really small room.

But breathing the IPA isn’t necessarily all that good for you… it can actually get you drunk. And because it’s going straight into your bloodstream from your lungs without the benefit of your digestive tract to filter some of it out, it doesn’t take a lot of vapor to get you inebriated.

There’s actually something called a “Vapeshot” that is pretty much what you’d expect based on the name and the subject of this discussion. A shot of vaporized alcohol you inhale in order to get drunk. My understanding is you still get a hangover, but you don’t get the upset stomach or vomiting that comes from drinking the alcohol (not that you should drink IPA. It’ll get you drunk, but it’ll also go through your gut like a shovel full of broken glass. But this doesn’t happen if you breath it).

I would definitely use a respirator mask when I’m around IPA :wink: My main concern is the resin fumes as some people can smell them but I can’t and what sort of effect those have on health if working in a small room most days with the printer behind you.