What videos do you want to see next?

Over the last couple of months, we’ve launched a new series of educational videos on the support pages and some of our most popular YouTube videos have been tutorials like a part painting guide. We want to know what sorts of educational video content you’d like to see next.

We’ve got a few ideas like a silicone mold making tutorial or walkthrough on how to make functional Injection Molds from High Temp but are looking forward to hearing what you’d be interested in. The engineers here are pretty clever so don’t hold back and feel free to give them a run for their money.

Maybe not a video guide but:

I think people might be interested in the reasoning behind creating molds for castings or injection molding in general.

What can they be used for and how can they make parts cheaper or more functional for us?

I’ve created vacuum form molds, polyurethane molds, and injection molds all for different reasons.

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I would definitely like to see a video on making injection moulds.
I have recently bought a desktop plastic injection machine and a cartridge of HT resin with the intention of making small volumes of parts for a project i am working on.
Making the virtual mould (in Solidworks) is not a problem, its now going to be testing the size and position of gates,sprues and runners etc
Also what thickness to safely make the mould to take account of the heating /cooling/pressure the mould will encounter.