Creating functional injection molds on the Form 2

We just wrapped up a webinar on creating injection molds with the Form 2. If you missed it, you can check out the recording here!

Creating functional molds is still something we’re experimenting with so we want this thread to serve as a place to share tips and experiences. We’ve had a number of users ask about things like the lifetime of printed molds and what sorts of materials can be used. The forums are a great place for this sort of experimentation and we’re looking forward to hearing about your results.

Thanks to @BJBenterprises for their mold making expertise and help with the webinar. If Injection Molding isn’t your thing, BJBEnterprises also created this popular thread with a video on creating silicone molds.

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Hey folks, you can check out the list of resources here:

Formlabs Form 2 Pattern for Silicone Molds:

Using Castable Resin:

3D Brooklyn:

Galomb, Inc:

The Shirley Technique:

Parts of a mold:

Protomolds Design Cube:
Protomolds Demo Mold:

Molding Errors:

BJB Quickstart Guide:

Injection Molding Calculator: