What’s everyone’s current success rate?


I’ve had zero errors since quarantine started, on about 50 prints. I don’t know why. I did have a couple failed prints in February.


I’ve had a few failed prints recently. It appears to have been due to a few things: old print trays with a very small leak onto the LPU, and old resin.

After replacing the LPU top and getting new resin and trays, things seem to be okay.

I had far too many trays that I was using too little. My new strategy is to only have one tray active at a time, and only 1 or 2 similar resin types active, i.e. go through resin rather than having a lot of different types on-hand.


You need to ask more than one question -

What is everyones success rate at 25 microns ?

What is everyones success rate at 50 microns ?


My success rate at 25 micron is zero out of 2 liters of resin.


Not a seasoned veteran of the 3D wars by any measure here… but so far in my first 20 prints, I’ve had two fails… one because I tried to shrink the support contact point too much and it fell off the build plate and the other was an experiment printing a flat object directly on the build plate… which printed fine, but broke when trying to remove it.

So I guess we’ve been lucky… but I’m going to be printing multiples of the same small parts and I’m experimenting to see what orientation and support scheme gives the best resolution in critical areas and minimizes post processing.

Most of my prints have been done at 25 microns


I was getting print failures roughly 20-30 percent of the time. It was a recent change after a print tray failure.

I replaced the LPU a few days ago and the printer seems to be back to normal again, i.e. no failures.


My success rate was 100% for the first dozen or so prints (at 50 and 25 µm), which was an absolutely astonishing experience coming from FDM printers where I would typically get 20% success at best. But I’ve been pushing limits (reducing supports, shrinking contact patches, trying to print more intricate and complex models, etc) and have had several failures in the past few weeks. In many of theses cases, I’ve printed several objects at the same time, and had most of them work, but one or two will fail and leave a footprint of polymerized resin on the tank floor.

I have to say the cleaning screen feature on the Form 3 has been brilliant for recovering from these.


have had the Form 3 for over a year now. only one failed print, I think it fell off the build platform. One print had strange buildup around the base but print was ok.