What kind of spray you guys use to make your print shiny?

I polished my print model but it doesn’t look shiny or mirror reflective, I want my prints look like crystal, I saw people discuss using UV resistant spray, I want to buy one, any suggestion please? Which one to buy? I want it can make my print shiny and clear, thanks.

Hi Lock,

Ive achieved very good results with the following:

  1. Wet sand with 220 grit sand paper

  2. Then move up to wet sanding 600 grit

  3. Then 1200 (by this time it should feel and look super smooth.

4.Wash with water a little dish washing soap (and keep your finger prints off it) and let dry completely.

  1. Then for the clear coat I use Rustoleum Crytal Clear Enamel.

I do a light coat and 30 seconds to a minute later another coat. Then a medium coat covering it well without trying to let it clump or pool. Then another medium to heavy coat. If it does pool or create a droplet don’t worry, let it dry completely ( over night ) and wet sand (with a dash of dish soap) LIGHTLY with 1200 grit sanding paper until the drop is gone. And respray. It took me some time and back and forth to get it perfect so just be patient.

This is what worked for me. Good luck!



This is the result of the above: https://support.formlabs.com/entries/27259543-Elephant-head-

Thank you Colus, I see your print, it is just the way I want my model to be! I appreciate your information very much and I can’t wait tol try on my print to see how it comes out! Thank you!