We're so happy to announce the Form 3 and Form 3L!


What are there gouging issues exactly ? On our 6 LTs we have no sign of gouges as I understand it. We have streaks visible on the FEP layer but have not noticed any change in print quality due to those, and it was asked on the forum and confirmed it should not be an issue.

Now I’m not saying the LTs are perfect, these streaks should ideally not b present and there are gluing issues exacerbated by the fact that the tanks are used a lot mote than the standard ones. But we’re happy enough with them that we don’t plan on buying standard tanks anymore.

As for the film being more fragile I agree. It is more susceptible to being deformed by applying pressure on it and any large print failure is likely to lead to visible marks on the film. It’s also much more sensitive to cleaning with the spatula. We rarely get print failures though, if ever, and we’re careful when manipulating the tank so that’s really more something to be mindful of rather than an issue.


Will open mode still be available with the Form 3 and Form 3L?


Great question! There will be some version of Open Mode available on the Form 3, but likely not available until after units start shipping in late May. More specifics to come later on that. :slight_smile:


Hey Everyone!

The Form 3 Product Demo webinar is up for anyone to watch at your convenience!


Are you still on schedule to ship units this month?


What about Form Wash and Form Cure for The Form 3L? Actually the lack of information concerning if there will be such units and when to expect them is currently keeping us from pulling the trigger on a 3L…


Hey great question!!

The $9,999 Form 3L pre-order includes a Form 3L Finish Kit equivalent to the Form 3 / Form 2 Finish Kit. We are not offering an automated wash and cure solution for Form 3L at this time but are working to have a recommendation for customers at time of shipping.


Thanks for the quick reply!

I saw the Finish Kit as a given (I think it is also mentioned somewhere), but Wash/Cure are real game changers once it comes to real production.

So if I understand this correctly, all parts printed with the Form 3L that are bigger than the Form 2 build volume will have to be post-processed in the “old way” (IPA Buckets of the finish kit + some hacked together LED stripe curing unit). Your post also doesn’t exactly sound like a “we’re working on it”, which is a pity.

What exactly do you mean by “recommendation”? Are there third-party solutions?


No they need a pool with IPA not just a bucket …:grinning:


Any word on if the Form 3’s are still on schedule to ship in June?


Do you have any updated information about dental resins validation or better any estimated date?


Apologies for the delayed response!

A full Wash and Cure solution for the Form 3L is in development. We will share a timeline and more details down the line. Similar to the Form 2 basic package, the Form 3L basic package will include the Form 3L Finish Kit, which will ensure everyone can effectively rinse their parts and remove supports. A Form 3L complete package with a Form 3L Wash and Cure will be introduced as the development of these solutions continue to progress.

We have also been testing methods of washing and curing large parts with off-the-shelf solutions, and we’ll share our learnings with you closer to when the printers begin to ship.


@SolarMill @LonnieM

Thanks so much for the question!

Any orders placed around launch(April 2nd) shouldn’t see any change in that original shipping estimate.

Due to high demand, the lead time has gotten a little longer for orders placed more recently. If you order a printer today we’re looking at a delivery time of around August, as is stated on the Form 3 store page

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the response!

That sounds more encouraging, though we’ll probably stick to replacing our one broken Form 2 with a Form 3, getting onto the F3L later, once a curing solution is available.


Hi, Thats interesting. I had a call today from Formlabs sales to see if I would like to place an order today for the Form3. Some interesting points came out of the conversation.

1: The earliest most people will see one is June. (Only available to view in Europe at exhibitions and for limited dealer training).
2: There are non available in Europe to see away from the Formlabs training team. (No dealers have one to show me)
3: They are behind, but the beta models are now being tested within Formlabs offices
4: If I ordered today I would not see one until at least the end of July.

I wonder if that means I might be lucky to get a Form 3 this year?


Hi @DKirch,

Still scheduled to begin shipping in the next few days?

Is their any shipping table similar to what Prusa do: https://help.prusa3d.com/shippingtable
So we can plan ahead of delivery (shipped at home and delivered in work day so I might have to take a day off) :grinning: