We're so happy to announce the Form 3 and Form 3L!


Very much so! The main advantage of the LFS system is that the peel forces are much gentler across the board, which then allows us to add the new smaller touch points.

The other reasons why you wouldn’t want to print parallel to the Build Platform are largely still present(happy to go into my detail as to why if you’d like me to), but in general the forces acting on prints are significantly lower.


We’re so glad you like your Form 2! Obviously we’re excited about the 3 and the 3L, but there are a lot of Form 2 printers in the world, and we still think it’s a terrific machine.

If/when you decide to update your printers, the Form 3 will be there. :slight_smile:


I came to Formlabs to never leave. Im in love with this brand, i rewieved it in youtube (also its sad that Formlabs never supported my video sharing it) and im sure i made lot of people buy the machine in my country (Argentina)

Im traveling to US soon and im sure ill buy another one :slight_smile:


I will probably pair my F2 with a F3 since I would love to reduce the contact points in number and size. Just hoping to get an answer form the sales team :slight_smile:


Any sort of incentive for Form 1/1+ owners and Kickstarters?
Personally, I’d pull the trigger on one if there was, but will wait til my Form1+ has major issues if not.


Is the tank still a throw away, consumable item though?


Enjoyed the announcement and still I have so many questions. Some have been answered by others posting here.

  1. Am I paying the $9,999 pre order cost immediately after I order (or are you all charging the credit cards for the full amount once the machine ships in Q4?).
  2. If you all are holding the money for months I honestly would need to know the the savings difference between buying now or after the Pre order.
  3. Currently have two form2 machines which overall have been quite good to me. Had a few issues with tanks and buildplates but most were taken care of by customer support and for that I am greatful. Regarding loyalty and discounts. If I want to purchase the 3L with a 10k price tag does the loyalty pricing allow me to take each form 2 500.00 each so 1k total plus the 500 if someone shares a referral code and apply that towards the machine ? Totaling out around 8500.00 before taxes? I’m trying to figure out how I can get the machine with the larger print volume without digging myself deeper in the hole as I think a few customers I’ve lost would have been locked in if I could have printed units in one piece. If I could sell my two form2 printers and extras for around 5200-5300 and only have to come out of pocket about 4K I would be completely sold. I just can’t have 10k on hold. The amount I can make off that invested most likely will outweigh the full retail price anyway


Hey there! Those are great questions. Because I want to be really sure I’m giving you the right answers, I’d probably recommend getting in touch with our sales team directly for these types of inquiries.

They can be reached at sales@formlabs.com, or via phone at +1 (617) 702 8476. Let me know if you have any trouble connecting with them and I’m happy to look into it! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the question! The tank is still a consumable, but at this point we think it should last as least as long as one of our current Resin Tank LTs.


Unfortunately, that’s not saying much. The LT tank has been overhyped, and with most resins it lasts no longer at all. This is really disappointing at a time where other manufacturers are moving to FEP film alternatives and achieving vat lifetimes of up to 50 litres of resin.

The consumable vat is also environmentally irresponsible, it’s a huge, unjustified waste of plastic.

So, from what I can gather, the Form3 makes no improvement to print speed or print volume (excluding the F3L which is far more expensive) and zero improvements to economy and consumption?


Already tired this via chat and they skated around my questions not wasting my time going through it again


When can China buy?


Where does that come from ? We’ve been using LT since release with Rigid, Grey Pro, Tough, Durable and Standard. In particular in Tough and Rigid we printed the same parts over and over again with the same file, thousands of layers over the same area of the tank, and we have yet to have to change the tank. The only one we changed was one that showed a gluing defect so unrelated to the wear of the FEP film.


Current LT tanks fail either due to high peel forces of large parts or when a part breaks off and makes a dent(or the platform crashing into the wiper…)

The form 3 works different and does not suffer from above issues as forces are lower and there is no wiper. I’m confident they will last a lot longer.


FL say with some resins, an LT tank will only last 1 - 2 liters, but with standard resins it should last twice as long… so at best, 4 liters, but this isn’t the case with black, black resin clouds the LT tanks pretty quickly.

I’ve also had lots of trouble printing standard white with the LT tank, and it was also rippled coming out of the box.

Is the LT tank FEP film? I don’t think it is, if it were you should be able to simply replace the film, not the entire vat, as you can with recent DLP machines.

This tank was designed for printing in a high volume production environment and offers a longer tank lifetime for some Formlabs resins.

Resin Tank LT is compatible with the following materials:

Required: Grey Pro, Rigid, Elastic. New tank recommended for every 1-2 L of resin.
Recommended: Castable Wax, Denture Base, Denture Teeth.
Compatible: Standard Resins, Dental Resins, Durable, Tough, High Temp, Flexible, Castable. Offers at least two times longer lifetime than the standard resin tank when printing with these resins.
Not compatible: Ceramic.


It’s a transparent sheet with a clear gel underneath. That’s why just swapping the sheet isn’t that straightforward.


This was not what Formlabs said at the beginning, and I think these statements are mostly for liability purposes. Some Formlabs employees have said on the forums that LT could last almost indefinitely if not damaged, and it sure does last a long time. We have printed 10L of Grey Pro (mostly 0.1mm layers) and 5L of Grey Std (Mostly 0.025mm layers, I just checked, I wasn’t aware that we had switched to LT for our Grey prints).


Ok, well that’s interesting. I was pretty disillusioned with the LT tank. Some people are removing the wipers from them to avoid gouging, have you had this issue?


People on the Formlabs support facebook page have reported the LT tank gouging with debris being scraped along it with the wiper. Film should be more resilient than that… the LT tank seems more fragile than standard PDMS.


One of my LT tanks is trashed because of gouges the other is good to go with many prints on it.