Water soluble resin?

Is there a water soluble resin out there? I know there is for LED printers but not sure about SLA printers.

May I ask for what application? I have often thought about how it might be possible to have water soluble supports…

Well only joking but it would be awesome right :c)

Actually water soluble is not a big issue but cost is. You can see my products on www.rustystumps.com
I use from 4 to 6 liters of rresin a month. Thus I shop for price as well as durability. Right now I’m using ALW resins as they work about the same as FL resins.

Have not tried it, but if you need it, that company claims to be able to manufacture water soluble SLA resin.

I can’t find the source anymore but I read that water soluble resin is much more unhealthy to work with than the ‘normal’ resin because it penetrates skin much easier(of course we all wear gloves).

Any chemist who can confirm or deny this?

that sounds logical. Try not the get resin on my hands but “try” is the key word. Unless one wears surgical gloves all the time it’s bound to happen every so often. I usually have two machines running at the same time 9 - 10 hours a day.