Watch Company 3D printer

Hi Formlabs fans and experts.

So to got straight to buisness I am a designer working as a Watch designer, and I am searching for the perfect tool to bring our designs to Life.

After a failed purchase of a “Makerbot replicator 5th generation” I don not have the patience and money to make an other mistake.
As I see the prints all look very nice and all but I am not an 3D printer head / expert. therefore I am her to ask to make sure if the FormFab is the right choice for our company,

How well would the printer work for very fine detailed jewelery and watches? will is be possible to see the samll logos on a watch dial?

Also is there anybody out there nice enought to print a test STL file I would send them for me to see the quality with NO post finishing work what so ever? if yes please let me know and I can send you 2 STL files with an exemple watch… I would be very thankfull for this :smile:

Hopefully i am not asking a stupid question or asking for to much.

Currently I think the Form 1+ is the best option for me.

Best Regards,

Hi Max,

Glad to hear you’re considering the Form 1+! Some watch models were printed at Formlabs HQ in December. The part was printed in grey at 50 microns. Detail came out pretty well, keeping in mind that the part was printed on a Form 1. Using a Form 1+ with black resin would yield a more detailed print.

Feel free to send me your files; I’ll give them a try—I’m a big watch fan. Also, you can request a sample part here.


This video from 1 year ago goes through the Form 1 process from design to finished prototype and uses watch faces as the example part. As Craig pointed out, the Form 1+ with black resin will yield more accurate parts with finer details more quickly.

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Wow ok the finishing looks amazing. also I must admit that the Formlabs community / support is awesome.
This is also an additional point why this could be a product for us. I will 1 or two basic cases to you and request a sample to make sure but I think I am sold…

Also one question? Are links on the bracelet working?


Glad you like it. The links on the bracelet are not working in this example; I’m not sure if they were intended to be functional. I do know that we have printed watch bracelets link by link and connected them for functional flexibility.

Feel free to direct message me your stl/obj files.

(also, I had to take down the original picture, as there was some confusion about sharing permissions. Happy you got to see it first, though)

Hi there, Im a Watchmaker/Designer too.
Ive tried to ask for a printed sample but unfortunate Formlabs not mailing sample to Hong Kong.

But never mind, Im already ordered Form1+, I cant wait to have this awesome 3D printer for my designs.

Ive seen the real print from my friend’s Form1, Printed with 0.05mm layer for a DIA 42mm X 12mm thick watchcase,
I can fine sand polish and use the 'Plastic Polish Cream" make the surface Smooth and Spray silver Anodized-Like paint on it.
Look like 90% a real stainless steel watchcase.

Worth to wait for 5,6,7 weeks, But I really hope Formlabs can arrange the shipment faster, Sooo many project waiting for the Form1+.


That’s great — be sure to share your work with us once you have your printer! I’d love to see what a 3D-printed watch looks like…