Wash and Cure "L" questions

Just set up our new Form Wash L and Form Cure L and I have a few questions.

-Is there a way to see their status on the dashboard?
-I was under the impression that they are connected to PreForm in a way that would automatically select the correct settings on them once a print is finished. (wishful thinking I guess)
-Is there no sleep mode on either of the machines? Switching them off is a pain since I need to trick the wifi with my phone hotspot each time to get them to join our hidden SSID
-The Form Wash L has a fan that runs constantly as far as I can tell. The lid (and possibly other parts) aren’t sealed as well as the manual wash bucket was so there’s a good constant breeze around the openings that is pumping out IPA fumes and I assume helping evaporate the contents. Is this normal?

“No” to the first three questions. In terms of firmware it’s still very basic. And speaking of that I can only update the firmware using PreForm because the Wash L keeps on checking and doesn’t stop, not even with the latest firmware.

The IPA evaporates rather quickly. In my case around 10 to 15 liters per month with very few washes.

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FabDesigns, Eks is correct on the first 3 questions: currently a “no” for each of these.

The Wash L fan behavior was updated in the 1.1.3 firmware to not be on by default all of the time, only as needed, which should help to cut down on the IPA losses to evaporation.

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I don’t know about the Form Wash L version but I created my own gaskets for the Form Wash that helps to keep the IPA evaporation to a minimum. If you really want to reduce the amount of IPA that is evaporating then cover the top of the IPA with ping pong balls. They might be a pain to work around but they will keep a lot of IPA from evaporating.

The company I work for uses IPA by the hundreds of thousands of gallons and we place ping pong balls on top of any tank that does not have a tight seal to keep the IPA from evaporating as we get charged by the EPA for any IPA we cannot account for (evaporation, spills, etc).

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