Form Wash L not airtight?!


We just bought the 3L with cure and wash and I gotta say I’m amazed how shitty the construction on the Wash L is. It contains almost 40L of IPA and it’s not airtight. I wonder how the reasoning went there?

Has anyone designed or modded their Wash L to counter this?

I ordered the Form Cure L but decided against the Wash L. I instead purchased through my business a simple parts washing unit that has a pump and tank. I have not filled it yet but it should do the job. The unit was only $150 my cost and far less than the wash unit from formlabs.

As far as airtight the parts washer i have has rubber gasketing around the top but I am sure that I will loose some.

I have the same opinion. Just received the Wash L and already noticed significant IPA drop. It constantly smells of IPA. It barely seals when I have it open, the lids are loose.

My work has purchased the Wash L and Cure L. Immediately we noticed the same issue with it as you. In fact, I noticed the lid to our Wash L has a very noticeable defect in it. It’s definitely bent out of shape, it can be popped in & out of place. We haven’t modded it yet, but I’d be curious to find a way to do so. Maybe an adhesive-backed rubber around the edge?

I love that Im reading this now after we just purchased our Wash L a couple of days ago…

For what these cost that’s not cool.

Lets hope mine comes in perfect… :sweat_smile:

The quality of the parts is shocking. Not even 2 weeks in and one of the brackets to hold the pump is broken. I’m surprised that a lot of the parts in these things are 3D printed.