Warp, large and flat surfaces, standard grey resin

Just for sharing…

Adding time to the post processing of the parts is not always the desired option

After reading and implementing the best techniques I could find on the Forum and with Support

And considering how difficult it is to prevent warping on flat surfaces when curing, this is my best option so far:

Heat gun plus cold metal plate

-Heat until the surface is soft enough
-Rapidi apply the cold metal plate
-Wait a couple of minutes and if possible blow cold air

This is what has given me the best results

I hope it is at least a little useful for you.

*Warning: be careful of nearby components (they can melt lol)

Hello @inGeraMtzM,

This is an interesting way to stop warping, essentially re-melting then cooling the parts to solidify them. I’d be concerned about changing the physical properties of the piece, especially around that thin bridge. Good for display pieces, certainly.


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