Want to buy your used form2 tank

Hey folks if you want to get rid of your used tank please lmk.


I have two, how much you offer?

Will you take $35 for both? Ill pay shipping of course.
Just to confirm there is no cracks or chips on them correct?


Yes, $35 is ok. But depends on what are you going to do with them. Both resin tanks have the silicon layer damaged because the DENTAL SG resin is aggressive and detached the silicon layer from the body of the resin tank.

If you are going to replace the silicon layer and the optic window then this resin tanks will be useful. Orange plastics and sensor are in perfect conditions.

Thank you!

Will that might not work If the clear plastic is damaged. Was hoping I can just replace the silicone. Can you send pix? Thx

Ohh then this two are not going to be useful for you… DENTAL SG resin damages the glued part of the plastic optic layer and the orange tank and resin filter from those areas… so if for any chance your new silicon layer fails then you will have a real problem… I think it’s better to destroy these tanks. Thank you!!

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